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Late Night Party

2/08/2015 20:00 - 3/08/2015 1:00

Well, I got better. Ah, now we see the violence inherent in the system! The swallow may fly south with the sun, and the house martin or the plover may seek warmer climes in winter, yet these are not strangers to our land. It's only a model. It's only a model.

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Rock Concert

1/09/2015 20:00 - 23:30
€15 - €40

Hey, Luke! May the Force be with you. Look, I ain't in this for your revolution, and I'm not in it for you, Princess. I expect to be well paid. I'm in it for the money. Ye-ha! What good is a reward if you ain't around to use it? Besides, attacking that battle station ain't my idea of courage. It's more like…suicide. Hey, Luke! May the Force be with you. But with the blast shield down, I can't even see!…

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